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We make your Emotions work for you

Know your Emotional Intelligence profile

These 20 questions will surely bring-out the REAL you.

Your Relationship
with the World

How Emotionally Intelligent are you in general? How your Relationship with others and yourself are impacted with your Emotional Intelligence?

Parent-Child Relationship

Parenting is bliss only if your Relationship with your Child is cordial. Wondering how healthy your relationship is with your child?

Teacher-Student Relationship

Teachers touches the mind and heart of the student. What legacy are you leaving behind? Are you the role-model for students?

Coming soon

Relationships at Workplace

Does your workplace drains or enhances your energy levels? How comfortable are you in a diverse and competitive ecosystem?

Coming soon
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About GreyMattersInLife

GreyMattersInLife is a perfect confluence of Eastern Wisdom and International Coaching Federation governed values. We offer an intuitive platform where we will partner with you to evoke a better version of YOU.

During the process, You will be surprised to witness the immense potential within you.

Whether it is a VISION statement for self or uncovering a self limiting belief, whether it is about becoming ready for the next change in life or managing a crisis situation, we have already created successful stories with client from all walks of life.

Are you ready to take charge of your life? Book a session today, value yourself.


Dr. Archana Gupta

Emotional Wellness Coach by Passion, Researcher by profession & Homemaker by heart

Your Emotions WILL become your Superpower. Know your Emotions, Flow with them...Glow with them. Because you are worth it.


Curious to see what clients are saying about working with greymattersinlife? Browse through some client testimonials below to get a better idea of the kind of service you’ll recieve when you work with greymattersinlife.

There are situations in your life where the help you get from your dear ones is not enough. Everything just seems to be collapsing and nothing gets better, every effort you put are in vain. I went through a phase where my professional life seem to be going downhill and I felt I just could not find anyway out of my problems then I found Dr. Archana's GreyMattersInLife. The feeling that someone is able to understand what a person is going through and is empathetic helped me to share my problems with ease. Eventually with few coaching sessions from Dr. Archana I was able to figure out a lot of reasons as to why I have been reacting to situations in a particular fashion. Dr.Archana literally opened up my mind to the new perspective I could look at situations which I felt were a problem at once. She changed my lookout at things in life. My attitude with dealing things both at professional and personal life changed tremendously. Dr. Archana is a true life coach and the lessons you receive from her are truly beautiful. Thank you Dr. Archana maam for your help and guidance.

Dr. Madhura Shekatkar, Dentist, Pune

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